April 14, 2024

How does FMCG sales app help brands address challenges and close sales gaps?


Due to the high demand for daily essentials and personal care products, the FMCG industry has become the center of attraction among business industries. The active presence of regional, small and rural area businesses are the most remarkable growth factors of the FMCG industry. As a large business industry, the FMCG industry faces many challenges while managing business operations. The rapid changes in the market dynamics, increased product requirements, and management of dense distribution networks are some of the severe challenges to address in the FMCG industry.  Given this scenario, every business needs to follow an organized and systematized system for tracking sales transactions. FMCG companies have started to implement distributor management software for getting instant visibility to sales and sales in progress.  FMCG sales apps are well-furnished that can help you streamline business, improve productivity, manage high sales volume and distribution network efficiently.  Here we will have a detailed view of how does FMCG sales app functions to fill the sales gap and increase productivity.

Why businesses need an FMCG sales app?

  • When businesses lack proper business tools and technical infrastructure to organize business functions.
  • Multi-brand distributors face difficulty in managing data of various products in one place.
  • When large distribution networks in the FMCG industry lack efficient data management systems.
  • Unfocused distribution chain of sales, especially in rural areas.
  • Restricted access to data and other web services.
  • Lack of real-time access to sales and order details.

These are the most serious issues seen in the FMCG business cycle that causes unwanted delays, huge monetary losses, and time wastage in the business process.

How FMCG industry can overcome these challenges?

FMCG sales app helps businesses to overcome these challenges by automating business processes using its highly advanced features. Cloud-based FMCG sales tracking apps provide sufficient features that include live location tracking, distribution management, order management, data management, customer management, lead management, and many more other features that help to organize business functions systematically. Sales tracking CRM software provides the centralized data management system to manage data in one place. Providing data access to employees helps them efficiently manage customer needs by offering personalized services at the right times.

The web dashboard and mobile dashboard connects managers and field sales executives in real-time. Field executives can update business statuses of the remote and rural areas in the system instantly.Hence managers can control the entire business activities within a few clicks. Besides these, field force management CRM software generates business reports such as sales, performance, stock, and inventory reports instantly to get an insight into the functions of the business. Analyzing these in particular intervals can find where business lacks coordination and what causes gaps in sales.

Benefits of using the FMCG sales app

Enhanced data security

Cloud-based field force management software ensures the security of any business data. With the help of sales CRM, you can access protected data from the central database from anywhere. Also, sales tracking CRM software help managers to share these data across multiple channels to complete business transactions safely and securely.

Improved team collaboration

Sales tracking CRM software records business documents in one place and that can be assessable from various locations. With the help of this data accessibility, different departments involved in a sales cycle can complete assignments within a stipulated time frame.

Boost sales

With the help of FMCG sales tracking software, you can empower the sales teams by controlling, monitoring, and managing the sales and distribution processes in an organized manner. Another advantage is that sales tracking CRM helps you to capture leads from multiple platforms with ease. Quick interaction with inquiries can bring more sales to your organization.

Real-time business access

FMCG sales app allows managers to monitor the ongoing business scenario in the entire business cycle through notifications and status updates. It also helps business managers to track and connect with field executives through the GPS location tracking feature. As a result, you can deal with unwanted delays in the sales and distribution process effectively. Cloud-based FMCG sales apps such as Fastfokuz focus on systematizing business activities to achieve a successful business journey. This all-in-one FMCG sales tracking software addresses the challenges and closes sales gaps by accurate management of sales processes. The centralized system of data management, real-time access to business activities, and enhanced team collaboration remove the obstacles in the sales pipeline and help you win more deals.

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