Toyota Hilux Double Cabin Armored Vehicles

The armored Toyota Hilux is one of the most discreet and dependable vehicle preferred by people around the world. It is also one of the commonly used vehicles for businesses and government purposes. The Dazzle vehicle armoring technology is a light weight armoring technology and it is thus a good option of armored vehicles.
The Dazzle vehicle conversion is one of the best solutions for converting your Toyota Hilux to an awesome armored vehicle. A vehicle can be a good armored vehicle, when it provides the best of armoring and safety by giving a high resemblance to its original model. Thus the Dazzle is the best to provide international armored vehicles. The Dazzle is also a leading ambulance manufacturer and supplier of different types of ambulances, verities of armored vehicles and other special purpose vehicles. All the vehicles are provided with international standards and quality.
When it comes to the case of Toyota Hilux armoring, the Dazzle converts it into an incredible one with bulletproof and powerful armoring on it. Each and every work on it is so precise and perfect so that it is ready to give protection anywhere in the world. Since it is a Toyota brand vehicle, it can be serviced anywhere you go.
It is a 4*4 wheel drive vehicle that comes with diesel or gasoline engines. It has a 5-speed manual transmission. The armoring specification of the vehicle is very effective to provide complete protection to the passengers inside it. The ballistic protection is given by B6 level armoring, using materials that may be opaque or transparent, that will usually meet or exceed the requirements of the European standards CEN 1522/23 and CEN 1063 to the level of BR6 for transparent areas and FB6 for opaque areas.
All the four sides and the roof of the vehicle are protected using high quality armor steel and glass that are highly capable of giving protection. All the opaque areas including the roof of the vehicle are protected against all the lesser weapons/ammunition at 90 degree impact angle and AK 47 Kalashnikov, M16 colt, FAL/LAR NATO rifle. Similarly, the transparent areas are multilayered and polycarbonate coated to provide protection against all the weapons that are listed above.
The additional equipment that are given in the vehicle during the process of conversion includes ECM and battery protection, fuel tank protection, upgraded suspension to cope with the additional weight due to armoring and run flat systems on all 5 wheels.
Then regarding the designs of the armored vehicles; the Dazzle armored vehicle manufacturer will do armoring in such a way that armoring is integrated inside the vehicles cab and forms a complete self-supporting structure. This will help to avoid the excessive stress on the vehicle’s real structure. It is with heavy duty hinges with in- built door –stop. The fuel tanks are protected with steel armor plates. Then the battery and the control module of the engine are protected 6.5 mm high quality armor steel. Above all, all the materials used in the production of the vehicle cabin are successfully tested against projectiles and explosives by independent laboratories.

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