New Age Malayalam movies at cinema halls

The Malayalam movies are known for their realistic and feel good touching scenes that every viewer can relate to. The fan base for such films is not restricted to the people in Kerala, but one can find a lot of followers for Malayalam movies in the Southern and the Northern states of India. Even abroad, there are few places where these movies hold a special place in the hearts of the people. Some of these movies have been played in the Cinema Halls that are located abroad, apart from the ones in the country.

The Malayalam cinema industry or the Mollywood has come forth with several super hit movies in the recent times including Premam, Dhrishyam, Kali and Bangalore. These movies are just a sample of the great works that one can find in the Malayalam movie industry. Having an array of experienced and talented actors and actresses, the film industry is never less of a box office hit after the movie releases in the theaters. Some of the well known actors in this film industry include the evergreen actors Mohanlal and Mammootty. They have been in the industry for a long time now and have a huge fan base across the world. Currently the top-paid actors of the Malayalam movie industry, the two actors have also acted in other language movies.

Just like the movies, the Malayalam movie trailers also hold a special place in the hearts of the people. One can see a great deal of excitement on the faces of the people when they watch a particular film’s trailer when they are in the cinema halls. The directors and the produces try to come up with movies that would click with the audiences, rather than choosing a story line that is easy and lacks value. If you can observe the Malayalam movie viewer’s expectations and reviews, you would be able to notice that they are looking for movies with which they can connect on every level. Be it the emotions or the drama, the viewers are sensitive to the content of the movie and can never accept a film that is below average.

Popularity of the movies

Like mentioned above, the takers for the Malayalam movies keep growing every day. With such beautiful stories being portrayed through movies, it is no wonder they play full shows at the cinema halls. One main thing to consider is that these movies have been created to appease a target audience. The way of storytelling and the elements that go into the making of such movies adds support to the every growing craze for the Malayalam movies. Many of these movies have a strong likelihood to the stories that one might have heard or read about in classics and novels. With the setting and the story being based on the beautiful and lush localities and the people of Kerala, there is some form of connection that the locals can have with the movies.

The Malayalam movie trailers are no less than the actual movie. They provide a glimpse into the story and the beautiful elements that one can experience while watching the movie. All the right features and effects are captured in these trailers, to let the people know that they can expect a lot of emotions and drama from the movie. Some of the super hit Malayalam movies are being remade in other languages or are being produced as bilingual films. Having a strong legacy of actors, actresses, directors and producers, the Malayalam movies running in the cinema halls serve as entertainment for the entire family.

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