My Experience on Visiting Dubai

Dubai, which was once a desert, is now a faster rising cosmopolitan city. It has risen to become the top destination for business and travel. I was visiting Dubai for first time. It is not just a sleepless city, but it has a lot more with it. So only I choose to visit Dubai.

It is a perfect place for shopping – for fashion, perfumes, food and almost everything. The best thing was the microstay rooms in Dubai giving flexible options. Thank you for the Stayhopper to provide me best rooms in Dubai with several flexible options and convenience.

Reading my experiences in Dubai will be useful for you when you have a plan to visit Dubai. I am so glad to share the memories in Dubai with you. It is not possible to give all my experiences in just a single blog. So I am writing only my best experiences in Dubai.

Dubai is booming in business and so there are many modern developments giving more job opportunities. It is not about just business and oil, there are many things to attract in Dubai like culture, events, tourist spots and much more.

The other major attraction to which I was attracted is the world famous Burj Khalifa. Another thing which I found to be a good one is the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. The Falconry with falcons and giving prey made me so happy from my heart. The food items in Dubai especially the BBQ was very special and it had the best tasted one. I went for a sand boarding in the deserts. I had the best ever camel ride in Dubai with huge camels.                                                                                                                                                           

I also attended different kinds of events and shopping festivals in Dubai. I found the culture and style in Dubai to be unique and adorable. The historical monuments are blessed with good architecture.

The main thing I liked other than the tourist attractions in Dubai is the Microstay facilities available in UAE. On my searches on the hotel bookings in Dubai, I came to know about the Stayhoppers. They made it possible to choose your kind of timing in hotels. The hotel bookings have been very flexible. It was also possible for me to stay in more than one hotel on the same day for few hours. I found it very convenient for the people for temporary stays in Dubai. Through Stayhoppers it became possible for me to book the hotels with sufficient facilities for my convenient timings. Even it was available for me as short as 3 hours of time. You can choose the hotel from the list of thousands of hotels in Dubai. It is possible for you to enjoy the benefits of the hotels for your point of time at lesser prices. It also allowed me to save a lot of money from the usual high expense area of hotel stays in Dubai. As the city is with more leisure, it is more expensive too. The microstay rooms by the Stayhopper gave me a leisure trip in less expense than I expected.

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