Countries You can Visit Without a Visa

There are many countries you can visit without a visa requirement. Indian international ID (passport) holders can go around 58 different nations without even having a visa or partially allowed like on visa on entry, aside from India itself. The nation rundown depends on 193 individuals from United Nations and other 6 regions which have a place with different nations. But some countries like UAE, you need Visit Visa, tourist Visa or any Visa. When you send money from India to Canada, you need to check about the remittance agency & currency exchange rates.


Bhutan still lives under a kings rule, it is a sovereign state interlinked in the eastern Himalayas of South Asia. Bhutan is one of the countries you can visit without a visa. Bhutan fringes china toward the north and India toward south east and west. Toward the west it is isolated from Nepal by the Indian condition of Sikkim, and further south is isolated from Bangladesh. Thimphu is Bhutan’s capital and biggest city in the country .The king of Bhutan is also renounced as the Druk Gyalpo, that is also called as “Thunder Dragon king” .The nation’s scene ranges from lavish subtropical fields in the south to the sub snow-capped Himalayan mountains in North. Where there are crests in abundance of 7,000 m. The most astounding mountain in Bhutan is Gankhar puensum which is additionally a solid contender for the most noteworthy climbed mountain on planet. Bhutan appreciated solid social connections with Tibet and was situated on the Silk Road amongst china and the Indian sub-continent. Its region was made out of minor warring fiefs until mid-17th century. In 2008 Bhutan transitioned from an outright to government to a protected government and held its first broad election. Bhutanese majority rule government hosts developed as two gathering framework.


Nepal authoritatively the federal democratic republic of Nepal, is a landlocked nation, in south Asia with a populace of 26 million. It is a multi-ethnic country with Nepal as official language. Kathmandu is the country’s capital and biggest city. Nepal is also in our list of countries you can visit without a visa.

Nepal is flanked by China toward north and India towards south. East and west. Nepal is situated in Himalayas and is home to eight of world’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest. The most astounding point on earth. Its southern Madesh locale is rich and humid. Nepal has different antiquated social legacy. The name Nepal is initially recorded in writings from Vedic age. The period that establishes Hinduism, the nation’s overwhelming religion. Nepal was the world’s largest Hindu monarchy. Siddhartha Gauthama, the originator of Buddhism was conceived in Lumbini in southern Nepal. The principle minorities are Tibetan Buddhists, Muslims kiratans and Christians. The Nepalese are otherwise called Gurkhas.


Jordan is also included in our fine list of countries you can visit without a visa. The hash mite kingdom of Jordan is an Arab kingdom in western Asia, on the east bank of Jordan River. Jordan is flanked by Saudi Arabia towards east and south, Iraq towards north east, Syria towards north Israel palatine dead sea toward west and red sea in its extra ordinary south west. Jordan is deliberately situated at the intersection of Asia, Africa and Europe. The capital Amman is Jordan’s most crowded city and in addition the nation’s financial, political and social centre.

What is currently Jordan has been possessed by people since the Palaeolithic time frame. Threes table kingdoms developed there toward the end of Bronze Age: Later rulers incorporated Nabatean kingdom, the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Jordan is an establishing individual from the Arab league and the organization of Islamic corporation. And is one of two Arab states to have marked peace bargain with Israel. The nation is a protected government yet the ruler holds wide official and authoritative power.

Jordan is moderately little semi dry practically landlocked nation with a populace numbering .It coincides with a indigenous Christian minority. Jordan is thought to be amongst the most secure of Arab nations in Middle East, and has stayed away from long haul psychological warfare and instability. The kingdom is likewise a shelter to a great many Iraqi Christians escaping the Islamic state. While Jordan keeps on tolerating evacuees the late vast flood from Syria put generous strain on national assets and infrastructure. Jordan is named a nation of “high human advancement” with an upper centre salary economy. The Jordanian economy one of the littlest economies in the district is alluring to outside financial specialists based on a talented workforce. The nation is a noteworthy traveller goal, furthermore pulls in therapeutic tourism, because of it is very much created wellbeing sector. Nonetheless an absence of characteristic assets, expansive stream of displaced people and territorial turmoil have injured monetary growth.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers Indians section without visa. For up to 14 days, you can remain in Hong Kong without visa. A worldwide monetary focus, you will discover a few high rises here. A customer’s heaven, night markets Disney lands .Hong Kong has it all.

Whenever here, visit the top touring attractions to capitalize on your excursion. Go to The Peak for a continuous perspective of the entire of Hong Kong. It is a standout amongst the most prevalent vacation spots which is as it should be! In the event that you are a gathering creature, make a beeline for Lan Kwai Fong which is famous for its nightlife and is home to more than 90 bars, clubs and eateries. What’s more, regardless of how old you are, don’t miss going to Disneyland.

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