Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Federal democratic country of Nepal is one of the most enticing destinations of the world with its cool climate, cordial people, and closer view of snow-capped mountains, serene monasteries, and much more interesting places. China, India and Tibet on the borders make it all the more prone to higher tourist visits with major crowd from European countries. After the rule of various dynasties, People’s Revolution by the Communist Party took up the rule in Nepal. Mainly people abiding in this part of the globe follow the Hindu or Buddhist religion with the presence of other religions too in quite a harmony. Nepal offers a bunch of best places to visit in Nepal at summer, winter & other seasons.

What to explore in Nepal?

 With a wide stretch of land, Nepal is partially spread through the mountain region to the plain areas making the climate in the mountainous part cooler than the plain areas. These mountains are ideal for trekking, and other high range sports. Sherpa or the mountain guide is sure to guide all the tourists through various renowned places that spread in abundance across the country.

Apart from the natural scenic beauty, country a host of tourist spots like national art gallery, Patan and  Bhaktapur Durbar Square Museum, Natural History Museum, National Museum, Monasteries, Kumbheswor temple and much more. This is the perfect place to get some artistic painting or handiwork or ethnic mementos from the streets of Nepal especially for the people with an artistic inclination.

Best part of the Nepal visit is its natural food along with the modern eateries. Falling back to the dates of ancient taste from rice and lenthil curry, spiced vegetables and meats, famous chowmein etc. are some of the local cuisines which are available in the most lucrative manner. But if the taste is for west, then pizzas, cooked and baked food is also available to ravish your appetite.

Land of Mountains-Nepal

‘Land of Mountains’ gives memorable adventurous experience in paragliding, canoeing, Kayaking, boating, mountain flights – a sort of heavenly feeling in serene land.  Enroute Nepal allures with best travel companions to experience the veiled treasures. There is a famous quote “Not all those who wanders are lost”, but any traveller visiting enchanting Nepal will get melt in the astounding realities. Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world fascinates every mountaineer who wishes to set record and conquer heights.

Reaching Nepal is not a tedious job. As one of the leading tourist country, Nepal provides various travel facilities for both domestic and international travellers within affordable rates. Hassle free travel facilities bring surplus tourists from various geographic locations, thereby boosting the travel and leisure sector of the country.

Explorers from various geographic locations reach Nepal throughout the year.  Summer months, March- June and September- November are the best time for the adventurers and mountaineers to experience Nepal through various activities including trekking, boating, paragliding etc. Nepal stands as a must visit place with its rich traditions, monuments and natural wonders. Foreigners would keep a traveller card or other means of carrying cash, if you have a friend or relative in Nepal then send money from India to Nepal at ease.Escape from the tedious routine work habits to explore the divine and traditionally rich Nepal. Nepal is the perfect place for an adventurer to visit in much affordable rate.

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