Which is the best investment plan in India for middle class in 2019

Are you confused with different investment plans, and not sure where and how to invest? Which is the best investment plan in India for middle class in 2019?

As we know in this fast-moving world, everyone wants to meet their financial goals and earn the money as quickly as possible.

Parents save money for their children’s wedding; education other may invest to start a business. There are even people who think to invest in schemes as a second source of money.

So, to meet the needs and wants a source a is required where you can expect to get greater investment. You may be either thinking to purchase a Car, cellphone, buying land, constructing a house, studying abroad and so on, but in order to achieve these needs and wants you should be having ample of cash in hand or saving in your bank account.

Savings are very important to achieve your life goals without involving in financial crisis or debts.

Find the best short and long term investment plans with high returns.

Investments divided into two parts one is short term investment plan and long term investment plans.

Those who want their objectives to meet in shorter period go for a short term plan with high returns and its started with a lesser amount of money. We cannot expect high returns on this plan as the period is less.

Savings bank account, shorter-term fixed deposits, short term mutual funds, liquid funds, fixed maturity plans, Equity Linked Saving scheme, and Arbitrage Funds comes under the short term.

To meet your high value expenses its recommended to have a long term investment plan with high returns. PPF, EPF, Stocks, Mutual funds, Real estate, buying property, Gold, ULIPs, equity funds would come under the long term. These are the safest and beneficial investment plans where the return on investment would be higher.

Investment is a big task, before doing that we need to consider the below Factors to make our self secured.

Before opting for the best investment plan in India, you need to analyze various factors like age, your financial status, your goals, and risk. The investment schemes offered by various investment companies or banks provide greater advantages. Following are the factors that help you to take the right decision while choosing the best investment plan:

Risk: Before choosing best investment plans, you should understand the risk involved.

Most of the investments schemes have the greater risk involved in it, higher the risk in investment schemes greater is its rewards. You need to balance between the liquidity and the investment options.

Evaluate the risk factors and check how much you can invest, higher risk gives you greater equity and lower risk focuses on balanced investments.

Age: All the banks and investment companies plan their schemes to the public based on the age factor.

The younger the age the earlier you can invest and can get greater investment during the time when you actually need the money. Younger people have fewer commitments and they can focus on investing money, they will have more dispensable money and has a higher risk taking capacity and they can get greater equity.

But as you age or when you cross your 40’s it is recommended to invest in retirement plans. The investment instruments or schemes differ according to the age.

Knowing investment schemes:

Before investing blindly on different schemes, you need to understand the benefits you can receive from the investment products. You also need to understand the risk involved and how the banks or company can address your problems.

Trust factor should be your main focus, the investment companies should provide you with the maximum assurance for any kind of risk. Make sure that there are no hidden rules while choosing the investment schemes, the instruction and the agreement letter should have all the details and it should abide by the law.

There are investment schemes that provide greater investment and also has live coverage too.

Investment instruments that double the money in a shorter period:

There are so many myths wherein the retailer believes in investing short term gain and they might risk in longer-term difficulties. There are various suggestions from the investor on investing money, it is believed that when you buy more from the market, the purchase will go for a fair value and you will get greater investment on the money.

Mutual Fund Scheme:

It is believed that you will get a higher return on investment from the mutual funds’ schemes for a period greater than 5 years and the maximum benefits you can expect is for 10 years.

Based upon the various studies and performance of the fund you need to right mutual fund scheme. To know the mutual scheme which gave the highest return on investment, there was a various analysis done based on the parameter like, the various years that the funds have outperformed, funds that have overcome market crashes, sector fund and equity fund, funds with good rating and so on.

Based upon the above analysis, In 2019 the mutual fund that gives the highest investment is Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund which gave 27% annualized returns in 5 years and 17% in 3 years, Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund seems to be in Top 2, this mutual scheme gave 26% return in 10 years and 26% in five years, LandT midcap gave 23% returns in 10 years and 25% return in 5 years, Principal emerging bluechip fund scheme is in the top 4 list, which gave 24% returns in 10 years and 23% in 5 years.

Choose the best mutual fund investment plan in 2019 and get a greater return on investment.

Earn Money from Share Trading:

Share Trading is the next best investment plan that can be opted to get higher ROI in a short time. For trading, you need to choose the best broker to trade on the market who will help you make important decisions.

You need to consider a few factors before choosing the best broker, how fast they execute because in a day there might be a higher number of trades that might occur, broker fees and commission – the lower they charge higher would be your investment, legally qualified, quality support and broker with compact spread in the market.

Morning is the best day of the day to invest in buying stocks at a lower rate and it can give you returns by the end of the day or once the stocks rate goes high.

It is always intertwined in the stock market, so you need to be very keen while buying the stocks. Always consider buying low-cost index funds which globally diversified.

Systematic investment plan (SIP):

This scheme encourages to invest systematically at regular intervals either weekly, monthly or quarterly or yearly. This scheme allows to invest regularly on certain dates, you can either invest to buy equity mutual fund or debt mutual fund, this builds the substantial wealth as quickly as possible.

As 2019 is the year of election, there were would be fluctuation in stock prices, it is advised not to stop your SIP start accumulating the funds at lower cost.

National Pension Scheme – NPS:

The national pension scheme is the long term investment scheme, wherein you can plan for the retirement. It is managed by the PFRDA, the minimum annual maintenance has been reduced from six thousand rupees to thousand rupees.

Equity, corporate bonds, government funds are all mixed in this national pension scheme.

Based on your financial conditions you can choose the scheme and get good returns during your retirement.

Invest in Public Provident fund (PPF):

It is one of the best options to invest, and tenure is for 15 years. PPF compounds to tax-free investment and it is one of the safest investments as the interest and principal is backed with a guarantee.

Life insurance policy:

LIC policy should not be considered as an investment option but it is the assurance to live over the period of time. The maturity amount and the bonus amount received through LIC is much lower than investing on fixed deposit and recurring deposit.

Fixed deposit:

Fixed deposit is one the safest investment in India. But the only difference is it is taxed as per the income tax slab and you will get the interest as per the bank’s slab. You can opt for fixed deposit, yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, cumulative interest option or monthly.

Real Estate:

Investing on the second property is the actual returns you can get as the property that you live in might not give you returns.

Hence real estate provides you rentals, lease or capital appreciation, sometimes investing in land gives you a good return in the later years.

The investment plans discussed above will certainly provide you the greater returns. There are lot many other plans and scheme to invest. You might invest in gold, even investing in career also fetches you the greater reward in the future. Choose the right investment in this year 2019 and have a prosperous future ahead!

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