Benefits of using sales force automation system

A sales force automation system is a kind of software or program which helps businesses automate certain repetitive tasks like inventory management and control, processing sales pipelines, monitoring customer interactions and doing an analysis of sales forecasts vs. performance. It is possible for businesses to develop custom versions of this program that is specially tailored to their needs or selecting one from the plethora of sales automation programs available in the market. To reduce programming demands from clients, three tiered architecture is generally preferred which separates the database, the server and the application. A modular design is used to enable users to modify the program per their needs.

Mobile Sales Force Automation System Today, mobility is the key word in almost every organisation and the fundamental factor in an organisation’s growth. At Fieldmax we provide organisations with a number of mobility solutions, including mobile sales force automation to assist them stay connected with their sales force teams. This allows for continuous and unhindered updating of sales data and real time tracking and monitoring. The main features of Fieldmax’s mobile sales force automation system include

  1. Multiple route and inventory management

2) Client and order management

3) Sales, returns and invoice management and tracking

4) Market survey data

5) Ability for secure logins

6) Simple and quick integration with ERP and back office and legacy systems.

Benefits of our Mobile Sales Force Automation Fieldmax’s mobile sales force automation boasts of a number of functions that have been proven to assist in streamlining the sales process from start to closure. A few of them are– Increased Productivity – Business data can now be collected by sales personnel in the field by use of smart devices and the data can be electronically sent to the back office. This reduces the amount of administration work resulting in increase in sales.- Accuracy of Data – By replacing paper with smart devices and the ability to transfer data electronically, eliminates the need of human intervention and subsequently, possible human errors.- Lower Cost of Operation – Incorporating mobility and automation in the sales process, can help reduce the amount of manpower needed for administrative tasks that have now become redundant. – Higher Level of Customer Service – Real time transaction and order fulfilment enables better customer service and satisfaction. If you have any questions or would like a free demo, give us a call today!

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